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Elegant Glass Works

From a lifetime of experience, our seemingly disparate interests - fine art & engineering, beauty & science, baking & building - have remarkably (and naturally!) evolved into a love of the artful science of kiln-formed glass.

At Katyfarms Workshop, we are artists. Each art glass piece is meticulously handcrafted, by one of us, in our home studios located in Katy and Houston. We do not mass-produce; even similar pieces will have slight variations.

Striking Metallic Crosses

Iron, steel, imagination, and a creative hand, combine to create custom iron work for your home. Diane designs, welds, and finishes all her work herself. Pot racks, wine racks, fireplace screens, crosses, kitchen items, etc.

Diane is a local artist from Katy, Tx, where she lives with her husband and children and her two cats, Gary and Salem.

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