The idea for August & Ivy, A Unique Boutique, was born during the pandemic of 2020 when no one was leaving their homes, however, I knew that “This too would pass”, which is my favorite mantra.


The name of August & Ivy, A Unique Boutique, was inspired by my favorite month of August, which is my birthday month, and the only plant that doesn’t die while in my care, an Ivy.


The concept was created to allow local talented artisans  to display their unique gift ideas such as hand crafted jewelry, glass works, wood works of several descriptions,  framed artwork, greeting cards, lamps made from bottles, scented candles, soap,  t shirts.  There is something for everyone and every occasion.


The purpose of August & Ivy is to provide a warm and welcoming space for ladies to browse and shop,   have a cup of coffee or glass of wine,  or  chocolate and cookies, and enjoy the  ambiance of scented candles, twinkle lights, and good conversation with our excellent staff.


The curation of August & Ivy has allowed my sister, Diane, and I to work together to use our design ideas and skills which we inherited from our dear mother, Martha.